Triumph GT6 Mk3


A Triumph GT6 Mk3 Manufactured in October 1973 and a complete ‘off the chassis’ restoration in 2009 - 2015.

Having owned the car since 1983 it was about time that the car was restored professionally having learned a lesson from several years back when it was botched  by a local garage, they are fortunately out of business now so no one else will suffer the same fate!

This all began after I had been persuaded to take the car on the mile of Triumphs in 2009 to Great Yarmouth by my lifelong friend Neil.  Having filled the car at the local petrol station (that part of the journey being less than a mile from my home) was the only part of the 400 mile trip that the car got into fourth gear!

After that we got in to third and over drive as you can imagine it was a long hot journey, and consequently had problems starting the car when stopping for more fuel due to the engine running hot no surprise there then considering the fuel economy we were achieving.

This was the inspiration to sort the car out!

These are the Topics that are being considered for the restoration some people may feel that some of the items are a sacrilege but whatever alterations are made all of the original parts are being retained so that the original car can be put back together should the need / necessity arise other than the engine rebuild!

1.       Main body restoration

2.       Chassis Restoration

3.       Full re-spray

4.       Engine rebuild (to fast road spec) Target 170BHP!! Not bad for a tractor engine!!

5.       Gear Box Rebuild

6.       Fitting a J type Over drive in lieu of the D Type

7.       Fitting a limited slip differential

8.       Bespoke 6-3-1 exhaust manifold - Sport  Twin-Twin Tail exhaust - Quad Tail Design

9.       Cooling System Upgrade

10.   Big Brake Upgrade –including  REAR DISC BRAKE conversion

11.   Rear independent suspension  upgrade

12.   Electronic Petrol Injection

13.   Electronic Ignition System

14.   TPMS – Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

15.   16” * 7” wheels with the correct Offset to facilitate the brake conversion

16.   Power Assisted Steering

17.   Induction Unit

18.   Head Light Upgrade and LED Lamp changes

19.   The Music System

20.   The Badge

21.   Security

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